How to quickly lose facial fat! – How to deal with a double chin with proper exercises

If you are reading this than it is you wish to get rid of facial fat and as fast as possible.

You wish to know how to deal with chubby cheeks or your double chin or any other area of fat that are stopping you from having a thinner, leaner and sexier face.

I understand what you need… and I am prepared to help you.

Face fat is one of those funny topics to talk about. However, it is a problem that many people have (and would like to deal with it) and we will take it very seriously and talk about some crucial facts and additionally, a full workout routine complete with the most efficient exercises for you face.

Are you ready for this? Then here we start…

The greatest workout routine for facial fat

A scientifically proven workout routine that helps:

  • Make a triple chin into a double chin
  • Make a more chiseled jaw line
  • Get rid of your double chin
  • Give you a thinner face
  • Reduce the size of your chubby cheeks
  • Make more distinct cheek bones

Does this sound good? Great, let’s talk about the details now.

Frequency and split of your face training

Similarly to other body parts, the optimal number of trainings to lose facial fat is twice a week. So, my recommendation is to train your face on any two non-successive days. For instance, Tuesdays and Fridays or Mondays and Thursdays would be just great.

Because you do not get facial training during other workout exercises for other parts of your body, you can do these facial fat workouts on the identical days for your usual workouts for the rest of the body.

If you like, you can do them on the same days when you do not take any exercises . Whichever way you choose is all right.

Workout and exercises for your facial fat training

The greatest workout routine for facial fat consists of two workouts: Workout A and Workout B. You should do them as follows:

Facial fat workout A

  1. Blinking

Four sets of fifteen repetitions.

Thirty second rest between sets.

  1. Seated up-and-down nodding

Four sets of fifteen repetitions.

Take one minute rest between sets.

  1. Incline eyebrow raises

Three sets of eight to ten repetitions.

One to two minutes rest between sets.

  1. Decline eyebrow raises

Three sets of eight to ten repetitions.

One to two minutes rest between sets.

  1. Standing side-to-side nodding

Five sets of ten to twelve repetitions.

Take one minute rest between sets.

  1. Standing barbell curls

Ten sets of ten repetitions.

Take one minute rest between sets.

(Use a weight heavy enough that causes you to make a strange looking face when all facial muscles tighten.)

Facial fat workout B

  1. Blinking of one side

Four sets of eighteen to twenty repetitions.

Take one minute rest between sets.

  1. Back-foot-elevated Bulgarian split nodes

Five sets of five repetitions.

Take three minutes rest between sets.

(Ensure a good stretch on your double chin on the eccentric part of the exercise.)

  1. Reverse mouth open and closes

Three sets of eight to ten repetitions.

Take one to two minutes rest between sets.

  1. Chewing gum

Four sets of as many chews possible in ninety seconds.

Take three minutes rest between sets.

  1. Side smiles

Two sets of ten to twelve repetitions.

Take one minute rest between sets.

  1. Kettle bell fish-face swings

One set of thirty-six to fort repetitions.

(This exercise is similar to regular kettle bell swings in the way that you suck in your cheeks and make a “fish face”.)

And there it is… It is the greatest workout routine for facial fat.

It is a combination of all the most validated exercises to help deal with your facial fat with the confirmed number of facial trainings and volume to make sure you lose your double chin, increase the thinness of your jaw line and tighten your fat cheeks as fast as possible.

Enjoy the results!

I have one more important thing to mention…

All the things you have just read were a joke!

In addition, I pray to God that everyone else reading this understood it already by themselves.

Please say that you knew this was a joke? Pleaseee ?!?!?

However, if you did not (and you were really sitting there actually doing these exercises), I assume your IQ level is not to blame, entirely. Or perhaps, it is.

If by any chance, you believed the sarcasm I told as the truth, you must have read or seen some of the really funny gibberish I have seen while “researching” this topic. I succeeded in finding a lot of websites, articles and books written for one purpose only, and that is how to lose your facial fat.

I am serious… whole books and websites about this rubbish. There are some completely serious books on this issue.

This seems impossible. If I had continued this post I could have made it long enough to make a cheap eBook, but that is a joke. These people take the preposterous face exercises and other rubbish very seriously. That is fairly scary.

What is even scarier is that there are a lot of people who buy these things. They spend the money and really believe that it is genuine and that it works.

Honestly, the truth is that everything you have heard about facial exercises and double chin workouts, book and articles about hoe to lose facial fat are rubbish.

If by any chance you forgot or just know someone who did, here is the reason why…

Newsflash for all you people… Only one way exists that helps to lose fat!

Whether we talk about lower back fat, back fat, face fat, belly fat, arm fat, thigh fat  or chest fat, it all is deal with one thing and one thing only and that is a caloric deficit.

As I have previously explained it in my post about a perfect diet plan, a caloric deficit is when you intake less calories than it is needed by your body to burn every day. This, in turn, makes your body burn the stored body fat as an auxiliary source of energy. As a result of this action, you lose fat.

Besides this being my opinion, it is also the scientifically proven law of thermodynamics. This is what makes your body lose fat, altogether.

Apart from that, losing fat altogether is the only way to properly lose weight. Fantasy weight loss products, toning exercises for particular body parts and spot reduction are all childish illusions and meaningless ways to waste time. The main reasons for this I have previously explained here: the truth about how to get toned.

Therefore, how do you actually lose facial fat?

It is easy and it is an identical answer you would get from asking how to lose weight from any other part of your body.

The only way to lose facial fat is the same way you lose fat from your entire body. By creating a caloric deficit (by way of diet and/or exercise) your body loses fat. Sooner or later, that fat will be dealt with from the spot you want it to be removed the most (your stomach, legs, back, face, etc.)

That is all there is to it.

You simply have to lose fat if you want to remove the chubby cheeks, double chin and overall fat looking face, period.

There is no amount of irrelevant face exercises (or anything else that is equally foolish) will help you. It can only make you seem like a fool.

Or make you look like, for instance, a fool with a fat face.

Right now… what is the next step? It is simple. This is my analysis of the best way to lose weight fast.