Egg masks the parlor at home

Egg masks have been used to achieve radiant beauty ever since the time of ancient asia. Science now backs how the egg whites are amazing for tightening and toning the skin. It is very effective against greasy skin by shrinking large pores on the skin surface. Large pores are known to have excess sebum and potential attack more bacteria to form zits, cysts and pimples. Egg whites can also help fight off acne.

For the first mask all you need are one egg white, a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and half a teaspoon of honey. Egg white is already very potent but adding in ingredients such as honey which is a both an antiseptic and an antibacterial, and lemon juice with is astringent capabilities lightens skin tone, reduces discoloration and fights off acne. First whisk the egg and lemon juice in a clean bowl until it becomes frothy then you add your honey and stir well. After the mixture is complete wash your face with warm water to open pores up and then using a cotton ball gently rub the mixture all over your face. Now relax yourself and let the mask dry for about 15 minutes. After your time is done gently scrub it off with warm water and finish by rubbing ice all over your face for added effect.

You could use the best pore minimizing products that can be found at on the market but only to spend sums of money to get the same result you would get using this natural egg white mask. Not only will you be tightening up your pores but this mask has the added benefit of fighting pimple and acne growth.


What Is Phentermine 37.5 used for?

In today’s world where the access to quality food is not really easy and the latest generation had indulged themselves in having the fast food. Here the issue of obesity among the youngsters arises.

If we study about the fast foods, then we will come to know that the ingredients which are used in making them carry’s a lot of fats. These fats are available in different forms. By seeing the number of increasing patients of obesity the druggists started working on the tablet which would help to reduce the weight of an individual.

After many years of research druggists at last came to an invention and made a medicine named as Phentermine 37.5. What is Phentermine 37.5 used for was a long debate in the early 60’s.

Actually Phentermine is a drug which is quite similar to amphetamine. The Phentermine have capabilities to just bypass the central nervous system. Likewise, this medicine doesn’t directly touch the nervous system, instead it hits the exact area that is obesity. This drug is not used lonely but with the combination of several things. These things include the control on diet and exercise collectively.

Actually the drug regulates the increasing blood pressure of the person with huge weight. Further this medicine also has capabilities to reduce the high cholesterol which is also a major factor behind risking human life. The patients having diabetes also take this medicine as an inti diabetic drug. So it can be said that Phentermine 37.5 is a multipurpose drug.

Why Choosing a healthy tea is important?

There are many different types of teas which are all taken from the same tea plant. The kind of processing a tea leaf is subjected to defines the type of tea. All these teas have their different benefits but nonetheless “There doesn’t seem to be a downside to tea,” says American Dietetic Association spokeswoman Katherine Tallmadge, MA, RD, LD. “I think it’s a great alternative to coffee drinking. First, tea has less caffeine. It’s pretty well established that the compounds in tea – their flavonoids – are good for the heart and may reduce cancer.”

Tea has two basic types the first being green tea is made from steamed tea leaves which a high concentration of EGCG. The antioxidants present in green tea are known to ward off the growth of bladder, lung, stomach, breast, pancreatic and colorectal cancers. It also prevents clogging of the arteries, burn fat, counteract oxidative stress on the brain which reduces the risk of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s while also reducing the risk of stroke and improving cholesterol levels.

While my favorite tea at is black tea which is made from fermented tea leaves and has the highest caffeine content and it is the basis of flavored teas such as chai and other instant teas. Research shows that Black tea helps protect lungs against the damage of cigarette smoke while also reducing the risk of a stroke. It is also known for its digestive properties and is widely taken after any meal.


Bringing back your lost sex life

It is not uncommon for men to face problems with their sexual performance once or more than once in their lifetime. This can be a source of embarrassment, causing problems in the relationship with your partner and can make you feel emasculated. It can cause serious harm to your self esteem and ruin your love life. A satisfied sex life can improve the overall quality of life and make an individual happier. However, if you are experiencing troubles with your sexual performance, you do not need to distress. You are not alone in this and there are plenty of ways to rectify the situation.

Ways to enhance your sex life

To improve your sex life you will need to improve your overall health. Poor sexual performances are mostly attributed to poor lifestyle choices and diet. With today’s fast paced life, people forget to take care of their health. They consume without discerning between good and bad food and other bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol all have adverse affects on the body. Lack of exercising or physical activity simply adds to that. To improve your sexual life you will need to make some serious changes. Start with a good diet; avoid cigarettes and alcohol and exercise!

Another great way to resolve performance issues in bed is to make use of natural dietary supplements that are free from side effects. Staminon is one such example that is claimed to be completely natural, with effective ingredients that can help you improve your sex life.

Doctor for ulcerative colitis

With the development of technology, the latest diseases have also been developed. These include many life taking diseases. The Ulcerative colitis is also one of the deadly diseases developed. Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that causes long-lasting inflammation and ulcers (sores) in your digestive tract. This disease completely rotten your digestive system. The Ulcerative colitis disturbs the innermost coating of your large intestine (colon) and rectum. Symptoms of this disease usually develop over time, rather than suddenly.

If we search about the specialists of this disease, then we will come to know that the doctor for ulcerative colitis has a very different nature as compared to other doctors. These doctors carry a very serious nature and they deal with the patients very seriously.

The diagnosing procedure of the ulcerative colitis is quite complex. The doctor has to deal with multiple instruments and then he can actually diagnose this disease. As this has to only deal with the internal body so the complexity increases itself. When it comes to the turn of clearing the blockage of intestines at that time doctors really had to risk the life of the patient. This really shows the courage and healthy heart of these doctors.

Sometimes Ulcerative colitis can cause extreme level weakness to the human body and sometimes it can even lead to life-threatening problems. As this disease don’t have a specific cure and timely treatment can greatly reduce signs and symptoms of this disease so even a doctor cannot give surety of 100 percent success.


What is meant by a detox during a rehabilitation process?

A crucial part of rehabilitation is detox. It will be the first step you take towards a healthy and a sober life. However, after rehabilitation it will be a life long journey to abstain from drug abuse which will require dedication and commitment. Although the process of recovery may be a long road, the efforts will definitely be worth it. So, if you are suffering from a drug addiction take the first step with a detox and get on the right track.

Detox is a short name of its fuller form called detoxification. This is an essential phase that is required in the beginning of rehabilitation. This is a stage that removes all the traces of alcohol, drug and toxics retained in the body as a result of drug addiction. Because the withdrawal symptoms may be severe in an addict, sometimes maintenance medication is given to ease the process such as heroin or other prescription drugs. The process of detox may vary person to person depending on his/her severity of addiction and body chemistry.  A person’s choice of drug, duration of its use and their metabolism are all important variables in the detox procedure.

The detox process is generally a safe one, when undertaken under expert medical supervision. For that it is necessary to join a detox rehab that is reliable and up to the task. An example of such a rehab is best rated detox centers. Detox in some cases can be severe, so it is best to avoid doing it at home.

Best drip coffee makers For Optimum Health

Drip coffee makers have become an indispensable appliance for the coffee lovers. Whether you like a dark coffee or a latte, a good drip coffee maker will help you accomplish that. Drip coffee makers are best known to accomplish the task steadily. For the purpose, it is definite need to be known about the Best drip coffee makers present in the Market. If you are eyeing for facts about drip coffee makers, then review is your best resource. Reviews about Drip coffee makers will give you honest buying advice that you can trust. Further we will discuss about the best drip coffee makers, that which one is the best drip coffee maker in the current market.

Finding the best we came to know that Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker (46201) is Outré-lustrous drip coffee maker and it is the superlative coffee maker currently present in the arcade. If you are looking for the unique drip coffee maker, then this is the right choice. Second on the list is the Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew 10-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker (BVMC-PSTX95).

These drip coffee makers are based on unique and latest concepts. These are designed in such a way that operating it is very easier as compared to other drip coffee makers in the market. These top drip coffee makers have a long black and light metallic grey casing, which look awe-inspiring. These drip coffee makers work perfectly on brewing coffee. By using these two top appliances one can get a perfect cup of coffee any time.

How to maintain tooth health?

tooth healthEach of us has a different shape and size of teeth. Teeth help us chew our food and impress everyone with a delightful smile. However, there are a lot of issues that can arise if you do not take care of your teeth. Twenty tooth is a helpful website that teaches you about mouth hygiene and precautions that you should take regarding tooth decay. They are based in Singapore. It is very important to give your teeth the best care possible.

Here are a few tips to keep your teeth healthy for a long time and avoid all kinds of teeth problems.

  • Take care of your toothbrush. Rinse your brush well after tooth brushing. Make sure you store your brush in open so air can flow through the bristles to keep it dry. If the brush remains moist, there are chances of growth of microorganisms. Try to replace your brush every 3-4 months.
  • Brush your tongue along your teeth as well. It prevents bad breath and removes all the bacteria from your mouth, cheeks, and tongue.
  • Consult a dentist every once in a while. Talk to him about your dental concerns and take his opinion about taking care of your teeth. Monthly checkups can fulfill all the needs of your teeth.
  • Too much beverage intake can damage your teeth to a large extent. Sugary juices and soft drinks can lead to tooth decay. Keep your beverage intake limited or try to drink fresh juices and milk that provide strength to your teeth.
  • Choose your toothpaste wisely always check the ingredients of your toothpaste before you buy it. Fluoride is an essential ingredient that prevents cavities, so buy the toothpaste with a large percentage of fluoride in it.

Acne Treatment for Cystic Acne


Acne is quite an undesirable skin disease. There are a lot of people who suffer from this issue and are unable to treat them on their own. Skin is the most sensitive part of the body which needs to be handled with care. A single mistake can cause a lot of problems and even lead to severe cases of acne which may be untreatable.

A common problem related to acne is cystic acne. It is a situation when you get a pimple on the skin right where the skin is clogged. This clogging is caused due to dead skin cells or when the bacteria are trapped inside the pore. Cystic acne happens when this infection goes deep into the skin and creates a red and tender bump that is filled with pus. The bump may hurt or itch. But, if the cyst bursts, there are high chances that the infection can spread and cause more breakouts.

There are a few ways to treat cystic acne. You have to be careful while treating it because there are high chances that the infection can spread and then it can get uncontrollable. Here are some of the authentic ways to treat cystic acne.

Oral antibiotics – they help to control the formation of bacteria and lower inflammation.

Gels – Gels and ointments that have retinoid in them can unplug the pores and make room for antibiotics so they can do their job.

Isotretinoin – it is a medicine that is specially formulated to attack all the causes of cystic acne. It is available in the form of pills and is great for acne treatment that you must take only as per the dosage recommended by the doctor. It will clear your skin permanently with no chance of acne growing back.

Make sure you are familiar with your blood and skin type before you try on any of the above-given treatments. May your skin be flawless and acne free forever!

How to quickly lose facial fat! – How to deal with a double chin with proper exercises

If you are reading this than it is you wish to get rid of facial fat and as fast as possible.

You wish to know how to deal with chubby cheeks or your double chin or any other area of fat that are stopping you from having a thinner, leaner and sexier face.

I understand what you need… and I am prepared to help you.

Face fat is one of those funny topics to talk about. However, it is a problem that many people have (and would like to deal with it) and we will take it very seriously and talk about some crucial facts and additionally, a full workout routine complete with the most efficient exercises for you face.

Are you ready for this? Then here we start…

The greatest workout routine for facial fat

A scientifically proven workout routine that helps:

  • Make a triple chin into a double chin
  • Make a more chiseled jaw line
  • Get rid of your double chin
  • Give you a thinner face
  • Reduce the size of your chubby cheeks
  • Make more distinct cheek bones

Does this sound good? Great, let’s talk about the details now.

Frequency and split of your face training

Similarly to other body parts, the optimal number of trainings to lose facial fat is twice a week. So, my recommendation is to train your face on any two non-successive days. For instance, Tuesdays and Fridays or Mondays and Thursdays would be just great.

Because you do not get facial training during other workout exercises for other parts of your body, you can do these facial fat workouts on the identical days for your usual workouts for the rest of the body.

If you like, you can do them on the same days when you do not take any exercises . Whichever way you choose is all right.

Workout and exercises for your facial fat training

The greatest workout routine for facial fat consists of two workouts: Workout A and Workout B. You should do them as follows:

Facial fat workout A

  1. Blinking

Four sets of fifteen repetitions.

Thirty second rest between sets.

  1. Seated up-and-down nodding

Four sets of fifteen repetitions.

Take one minute rest between sets.

  1. Incline eyebrow raises

Three sets of eight to ten repetitions.

One to two minutes rest between sets.

  1. Decline eyebrow raises

Three sets of eight to ten repetitions.

One to two minutes rest between sets.

  1. Standing side-to-side nodding

Five sets of ten to twelve repetitions.

Take one minute rest between sets.

  1. Standing barbell curls

Ten sets of ten repetitions.

Take one minute rest between sets.

(Use a weight heavy enough that causes you to make a strange looking face when all facial muscles tighten.)

Facial fat workout B

  1. Blinking of one side

Four sets of eighteen to twenty repetitions.

Take one minute rest between sets.

  1. Back-foot-elevated Bulgarian split nodes

Five sets of five repetitions.

Take three minutes rest between sets.

(Ensure a good stretch on your double chin on the eccentric part of the exercise.)

  1. Reverse mouth open and closes

Three sets of eight to ten repetitions.

Take one to two minutes rest between sets.

  1. Chewing gum

Four sets of as many chews possible in ninety seconds.

Take three minutes rest between sets.

  1. Side smiles

Two sets of ten to twelve repetitions.

Take one minute rest between sets.

  1. Kettle bell fish-face swings

One set of thirty-six to fort repetitions.

(This exercise is similar to regular kettle bell swings in the way that you suck in your cheeks and make a “fish face”.)

And there it is… It is the greatest workout routine for facial fat.

It is a combination of all the most validated exercises to help deal with your facial fat with the confirmed number of facial trainings and volume to make sure you lose your double chin, increase the thinness of your jaw line and tighten your fat cheeks as fast as possible.

Enjoy the results!

I have one more important thing to mention…

All the things you have just read were a joke!

In addition, I pray to God that everyone else reading this understood it already by themselves.

Please say that you knew this was a joke? Pleaseee ?!?!?

However, if you did not (and you were really sitting there actually doing these exercises), I assume your IQ level is not to blame, entirely. Or perhaps, it is.

If by any chance, you believed the sarcasm I told as the truth, you must have read or seen some of the really funny gibberish I have seen while “researching” this topic. I succeeded in finding a lot of websites, articles and books written for one purpose only, and that is how to lose your facial fat.

I am serious… whole books and websites about this rubbish. There are some completely serious books on this issue.

This seems impossible. If I had continued this post I could have made it long enough to make a cheap eBook, but that is a joke. These people take the preposterous face exercises and other rubbish very seriously. That is fairly scary.

What is even scarier is that there are a lot of people who buy these things. They spend the money and really believe that it is genuine and that it works.

Honestly, the truth is that everything you have heard about facial exercises and double chin workouts, book and articles about hoe to lose facial fat are rubbish.

If by any chance you forgot or just know someone who did, here is the reason why…

Newsflash for all you people… Only one way exists that helps to lose fat!

Whether we talk about lower back fat, back fat, face fat, belly fat, arm fat, thigh fat  or chest fat, it all is deal with one thing and one thing only and that is a caloric deficit.

As I have previously explained it in my post about a perfect diet plan, a caloric deficit is when you intake less calories than it is needed by your body to burn every day. This, in turn, makes your body burn the stored body fat as an auxiliary source of energy. As a result of this action, you lose fat.

Besides this being my opinion, it is also the scientifically proven law of thermodynamics. This is what makes your body lose fat, altogether.

Apart from that, losing fat altogether is the only way to properly lose weight. Fantasy weight loss products, toning exercises for particular body parts and spot reduction are all childish illusions and meaningless ways to waste time. The main reasons for this I have previously explained here: the truth about how to get toned.

Therefore, how do you actually lose facial fat?

It is easy and it is an identical answer you would get from asking how to lose weight from any other part of your body.

The only way to lose facial fat is the same way you lose fat from your entire body. By creating a caloric deficit (by way of diet and/or exercise) your body loses fat. Sooner or later, that fat will be dealt with from the spot you want it to be removed the most (your stomach, legs, back, face, etc.)

That is all there is to it.

You simply have to lose fat if you want to remove the chubby cheeks, double chin and overall fat looking face, period.

There is no amount of irrelevant face exercises (or anything else that is equally foolish) will help you. It can only make you seem like a fool.

Or make you look like, for instance, a fool with a fat face.

Right now… what is the next step? It is simple. This is my analysis of the best way to lose weight fast.